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✅Promotional Oval Shaped Metal Keychain
✅Oval Keychain with a Shiny chrome finish.
✅Can be branded on both side.
✅Size : 44 x 24 mm (Base)
✅Packing Box : 110 x 50 mm
✅Printing Options : Full Color Digital Printing with Epoxy (2 sides)

Color :


Naazme Oval Shaped Metal Keychain, it is a wider oval metal keychain that sits to logo in a horizontal or vertical, rounded edge. The background of the middle part on the front can be filled with colorful epoxy color, then to add a digital printing design and slogan above it. It is also able to add a varnish on the part of printing design for enhancing the durability of printing colors. Perhaps to keep ground in metal and to use translucent digital printing for viewing the ground metal, it enriches the design with glare metal finish.