What types of corporate gifts does Naazme offer?

Naazme provides a diverse range of corporate gifts, including personalized items, premium gift sets, and custom-branded merchandise tailored to meet your business needs.


Can Naazme accommodate bulk orders for corporate gifts?

 Yes, Naazme specializes in handling bulk orders, ensuring timely delivery of high-quality corporate gifts for all your business requirements.


How can I customize corporate gifts with my company logo or branding?

Naazme offers customization services, allowing you to add your company logo, branding, or personalized messages to the chosen corporate gifts. 


What is the minimum order quantity for corporate gifts?

Naazme caters to orders more than 100 in number. But we always leave the doors open for negotiation.


What is the typical lead time for order fulfillment?

The turnaround time typically depends on the volume of order and extent of customisation but we generally deliver the products within one or two weeks.


Are there options for eco-friendly or sustainable corporate gifts?

Yes, Naazme offers an extensive selection of eco-friendly and sustainable corporate gifts. We are committed to providing environmentally conscious options to align with your corporate responsibility goals.


What industries does Naazme cater to for corporate gifting?

Naazme serves a diverse range of industries, including finance, technology, hospitality, and more. Our customizable gifts are designed to suit the unique preferences of various business sectors.


Can I request a sample before placing a bulk order?

 Certainly, Naazme understands the importance of quality assurance. You can request a sample of the desired corporate gift before finalizing your bulk order to ensure it meets your expectations.


How do I get in touch with Naazme for corporate gifting inquiries?

You can contact Naazme's dedicated corporate gifting team through our website, email, or phone. Our representatives are ready to assist you with any inquiries or customization requests you may have.