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Top 100 UAE Events and Brands in 2020

UAE is the utmost professional country with its own ultimate business destination Dubai. Throughout the year, this eco-friendly exhibition stand indulges in preparing to conduct the biggest ever mega-events for offering new business opportunities to boomers as well as established ones.

Refresh ideas and the latest solutions are appreciated and showcased here. Top 100 UAE events and brands in 2020 are discussed… view more

How Expo 2020 Help Entrepreneurs in Dubai?

Once in a lifetime, the biggest event of an era is conducted in UAE! In this event, the luxurious city Dubai decks up in the light and prepares to welcome 190 participating subcontinents all over the world.

Expo 2020 offers them to enjoy the finest Emirates hospitality along with the cooperation, tolerance and inclusion of the UAE.

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Top 10 Promotional Gift Suppliers in Dubai

Here we are reviewing the companies that that supplying Promotional Gifts. Naazme - The Best promotional Gifts Suppliers in Dubai has listed some companies that connected with promotional gift supplying.

Here is the list of the best 10 promotional Gifts Suppliers in Dubai in 2020, According to Naazme’s  Survey:

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Top 25 Corporate Gifts Blogs in 2020

Blogs are very common, Right?

A blog is an online journal or informational website showcasing information in chronological sequence, with the freshest posts resembling front. It is an online platform where a writer shares their aspects on a particular topic.

There are many motivations for lighting a blog. Blogs are meant for expressing a purpose or manipulating a particular area of… view more

Various UAE National Day Gifts in 2019


UAE is one of the destinations that tops the list of everyone’s bucket list. UAE, one of the popular baits, is not just known for its business offering atmosphere but also tops with increasing number of visits by people around the world for the tourism. However, one must note the fact that its diverse atmosphere and strong security for tourists… view more

Christmas Gifts for Clients in Dubai

In the season of gift-giving, we first search and start looking for “corporate gift”. Then we just start thinking about the plethora of promotional products that are available in local stores or online stores. Even though, promotional products as its own importance still looking out for uniqueness especially when gifting corporate gifts for clients is highly necessary.

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Corporate Gift Ideas – Gifting Options to Executive in Dubai

Gifts are the way to express greetings for occasions, events, especially Christmas and new year. Gifts vary according to the relationship between both persons. Gifts in the corporate world are categorized as executive gifts, corporate gifts, client gifts, business gifts and much more.

Here we are explaing executive gifts 

Executive gifts in Dubai

Gift-giving became a culture especially during the eve… view more

Corporate gifts in the form of a wide variety of objects

Corporate gifts are found to be used mainly as a means to enhance the corporate image and creating a good relation between the two. They are also helpful in other activities like advertising and sales promotion.

In the corporate world, giving a gift can be a double-edge sword. If utilized appropriately, they give the organization a profitable method for reinforcing… view more