All you need to know about the Power Bank


Have you ever been out and about a desperately in need of your smartphone, only to have the device run out of power at the essential moment? This is, unfortunately, a common occurrence in today's technology-dominated lifestyle. Smartphones and tablets have become fully integrated into our daily day to day lives.

They are more than just a means of communicating. You can even use these devices to handle banking, help out with directions, run a business, and much more. Our devices are becoming increasingly useful with every passing day. Moreover, there is one limitation to these amazing devices that still have a long way to go in terms of innovation – the battery life.

What is a Power Bank?

Most devices like tablets and smartphones are supported by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which have a finite lifespan. Limited battery life for our devices can be a real pain. Moreover, there is a fantastic product available that can provide a much-needed battery boost for all your favourite devices.

Portable custom power banks are lightweight and easily transportable devices that allow you to charge your phone or tablet without needing a direct power outlet. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but all of them function in a similar manner. Charge up the power bank prior to leaving the house, and you will have a mobile charging station for whenever you might be in need of a battery boost.

Tips for buying a power bank

Tip 1: Capacity of the power bank

How often would you like to charge your electronic devices without even charging your power bank? That is a question that the capacity of the power bank is able to tell you. Another important question is, for what device you are going to use your power bank? A laptop needs more power than a smartphone. A smartphone can be charged with a power bank of 3.350mAh, but a laptop needs more power. In need of a laptop power bank? Use a power bank with a battery capacity of 30000mAh or higher.

Tip 2: Input and Output

The power banks of today are so advanced that you don’t need to make a choice for this question. Only some of the models that are in stores today might not have the correct input or output for your smartphone. So always check the specifications for the input and output and what devices are compatible with the power bank.

Tip 3: Price and quality

If you are searching for the perfect power bank that fits with your needs, then you have to look further than just the pictures. Take a look at the specifications and decide what specifications are essential for your usage of the power bank. Sometimes a cheaper model is not matching your needs and the cheap power bank many not long as long as you wish. A reason to take a good look at the price/quality ratio is the overload. Some cheap power banks can overload and damage your electronics devices. All of the power banks are tested and meet all European Safety demands.

Tip 4: Size

A power bank is very easy to use when there is no wall socket available, and you have to charge your electronic devices on the way to your destination. The size of the power bank is essential to look at because you need to take the power bank with you. A power bank for your smartphone or tablet is able to fit in your pocket, but a larger laptop power bank is not. A laptop power bank does fit in your backpack of a handbag.

Tip 5: Ampère

Besides the capacity of the power bank is the amperage also very essential. The amperage (A) tells you how fast the power bank will charge your electronic devices. A normal power bank has an amperage between 1 and 3.5A. The higher the amperage, the faster the power bank will charge your devices.

Tip 6: Usage of the power bank

A power bank can be used for more than just one purpose. A student can use a power bank in the bus to school when there is no socket available, a climber can use the power bank to use his smartphone when he needs to send an emergency signal, or a survival specialist can use an outdoor power bank when a storm is raging over him.

Tip 7: Use the power bank for more than one device

A power bank is very useful for charging your smartphone or tablet at moments when there is no socket available. You can use a power bank for more devices than just your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. You can also charge your action camera, portable LED Light, and any other device with a USB input or USB-C.

Tip 8: Make the most of your power bank

A power bank can lose power when you don’t charge it. Even when you don’t use the power bank for the next few months or even years, you need to charge it once in a while. You should always charge your power bank when you have not used it for a long time. In this case, you will increase the lifespan of your power bank.

Top 5 Ways Power Banks with Logo Help in Customer Bonding

Power Banks meet their daily charging requirements

This world has gone technology savvy, and people are always seen doing something or the other with their smartphones. Power banks meet their daily charging requirements as they are always looking to keep their smartphone charged so that they can continue using their phones. If you gift them these power banks, you surely win their hearts.

Power Banks stays in front of them all the time.

Since power banks are something that gets used on a regular basis, people keep them handy, and this is the reason as it remains in front of their eyes for the whole day. Just imagine your brand name in front of their eyes for the whole day! This is definitely some great marketing.

They start getting dependent on Power Banks.

Since they require the use of power banks daily, they start getting dependent on them. When someone gets dependent on something, then he or she always has that in mind. Through a Power Bank with a logo, you take benefit of this dependency of theirs and stay in their mind all the time.

They start trusting Power Banks.

Trust is something that comes with time, and if you meet their requirements with ease and more importantly regularly, you end up getting trusted by them. This trust transforms into the products that you actually make and not the power banks. So, they will simply see your brand name and shop from you!

They start to love & recommend your brand.

When you pass all their checklists regarding durability and quality, people will simply love your brand for the same. It is a fact that when people love or like something, they recommend the same to their family and friends, bringing you more business eventually! So, when are you getting your Power Bank with the logo prepared?

Here are some of the other benefits that make power banks great custom gifts


Lightweight and compact, Power Banks are easy to carry wherever you go. Your recipients can easily carry them along to make sure that their smartphone never runs out of charge. Power Banks can easily be carried in bags or purses without even adding to the bulk or weight.


Your brand and message imprinted on custom power banks will get the much-desired exposure and portability too. These technology accessories often get exchanged or shared among people, which means your message will get a secondary audience.


Sleek and stylish, power banks make a smart addition to any work desks. They can be used within the latest top of the line photos and some other gadgets as well. Some even come with a additional features like flashlights or smartphone stands that make sure more value.

Multiple Sockets

Another useful feature of power banks is their multiple charging ports, where users can charge various other gadgets at the same point in time. This feature meets the needs of the busy, modern users who carry multiple gadgets.

Various Capacities

Power banks are available in various capabilities, which will offer a free hand for marketers to choose a perfect model that matches the needs of their audience. The higher the power capacity of the power source, the longer your customers can charge their device.

Low Cost

Power banks are available at various price points, which make it easy to match up with your budget. Ordering in bulk will make that the best deals as well. So shop for the best trending models and leave your audience impressed.

Are you looking for a customized power bank for your organizations? If yes, contact us we always there to help you!