What are the best corporate gifts for employees in Dubai?


Keeping with a healthy employee relationship is not an easy task! From being creative to gifting on time, you must make sure that your gift matches your brand image. With so many changes in the corporate gifting trends, you need to adapt yourself to the changing patterns and ace at it each year.

So, here are the best corporate gifts for employees in Dubai:


An all-time favourite in my company. They are loved by all, as gifts for employees, customers, and contractors. T-shorts do well in acceptance any season, any event. They are great in bringing people together for a common mission: be it a company event or a CSR initiative like blood donation or a marathon.

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Another all-time favourite! This should be the first on a list of anyone looking for corporate gifting ideas. Lunchboxes offer great utility as a gift for employees and customers. Every day they eat lunch, they remember the brand.

Sling bags

Sling bags are style and functionality in one shot. These categories of corporate gifts are popular among younger employees. Want to go to the office on the weekend? Where is the sling bag!

Laptop bags

The time tested business gift! It finds use everywhere. Show off the logo printing on the bag to your friends and make them jealous? Running home during a weekend? Going on a team trip? On a business trip, a bunch of promotional gifts for employees, partners, and customers? – This business gift is the absolute best choice.


In the era of apps and mobile phones, did diaries find acceptance? Yes, what the company did was to reinvent the diary with help from a corporate gifting store. They came up with a lot of customized diary options where a great painting was printed along with the logo printing that they did. These diaries were a hit because of the customization done by the corporate gifting supplier.


A must when our employees organize workshops and training for customers. Customers wait for promotional gifts like keychains, caps, and umbrellas. But the most essential of all is the notepads with the company logo printed on it.

Coffee mugs

On every desk, there is a coffee mug. But does it make the irrelevant? No, because ceramic coffee mugs break Plastic mugs wear out. A new mug is needed every six months. Coffee mugs are a great opportunity for companies to show employees love every six months. Companies that supply coffee mugs order customized mugs with logo printing, employee name engraved, and keep an inventory of them.


A bit overused, but there are always takers for it when the promotional gift supplier comes with incentive keychains like a measuring type, or a Swiss army knife or a pocket torch. Companies like mine have a great logo. So we usually ask promotional gift suppliers to print the logo on a keychain, and that itself is a great giveaway for the companies.


An unavoidable promotional material for events, caps occupy the crown in terms of branding material because they sit on the crown. A logo printed on a cap is nothing like it. Every employee becomes a billboard for your brand and its message. Every customer becomes a walking billboard. Since these are so universal, it is the creativeness and incentives of the promotional gift supplier that makes or breaks it for you.

Metal Pens

Choosing the best pens for gifting, don’t forget to understand the crucial of pen types. A regular ball pen user might not be comfortable with a new Metal Pen. So does a little writing background check on the person who you are planning to gift and then choose the pen? For gifting purposes, Metal Pens and Plastic Pens are preferred; they give comfortable experience while righting.

Pen as a gift can surely impress corporates, employees, and friends' families. Gift it to your academician friend or loved one who loves pen a gift. Make the most out of this celebration of light. We have an inspiring range of Branded Pens from a different type of colors, a wide range of affordable promotional and customized metal pen from Naazme make more memorable when beloved one uses it.

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