Lanyards: More Than Just ID Holders - Exploring the Versatility of Lanyard Printing


The humble lanyard has evolved far beyond its primary role as an ID holder. Lanyard printing has opened up a world of possibilities, making these simple accessories indispensable in various industries.

Versatility of Lanyard Printing in Multiple Industries

Let's take a closer look at how versatile lanyards are as they benefit many industries

Healthcare industry

In the healthcare industry, lanyards play an important role in identification and security. Medical professionals, from nurses to doctors, often wear lanyards adorned with ID cards. These marks are not just for identification; they also enable access control, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to restricted areas.

Corporate Sector

Lanyards have become more common in the corporate world. Employees use them when presenting an identity card, which ensures convenient and visible identification at the workplace. But in the corporate sector, lanyards are more than just ID holders; they are also powerful branding tools. Custom Lanyards with company logos and slogans are subtle but effective branding at conferences, trade shows and networking events.

Education Sector

In educational institutions, lanyards perform both functional and safety functions. Students and staff wear lanyards with ID cards to ensure that only authorized persons enter the premises, increasing security. Lanyards can also be colour-coded or customized to represent different grade levels, faculty departments, or special events, promoting a sense of unity and school spirit.

Events and conferences

Personalized lanyards facilitate identification and access to different areas of the event. Event organizers can take things further by adding extra features to the lanyard, such as removable clips to hold event schedules, maps or even USB drives with relevant information. Lanyards are valuable sponsorship opportunities because companies have their logos printed on them to increase brand visibility.

Sports Industry

In the sports industry, lanyards have become an indispensable accessory. Athletes and participants wear a lanyard with their bib numbers or event passes, which streamlines entry and logistics during major events. The lanyards can also be used to hold keys, small water bottles or even cell phones during physical activity, providing comfort without hindering movement.

Retail and Hospitality

In retail stores, employees may wear a branded lanyard to help customers identify them. Lanyards may also contain store keys or authorized employee access cards. In the restaurant industry, hotel employees use a lanyard to show ID, which gives guests a sense of security and makes it easy to identify employees. Hotel key cards can also be attached to lanyards, offering guests a convenient way to take them with them during their stay.

The versatility of lanyard printing

Promotional tools: In addition to practical applications, lanyards can be effective promotional tools. Printing your company logo, motto or event theme on the lanyard ensures constant brand visibility during events. Lanyards take your brand beyond the workplace and expand its reach and influence.

Durability: Lanyards are built to last and various accessories can enhance their durability. Detachable hooks, key rings, handles, smartphone loops and bull handles can be added for added functionality and longevity.

Visibility: The Lanyards offer unparalleled visibility compared to other promotional products. When attendees wear a lanyard, your brand will be visible throughout the event, making it more noticeable and memorable.

Easy Identification: Lanyards can display unique identification numbers or text to make it easier to identify and differentiate guests or event attendees. They can also convey a sense of exclusivity, which helps with event planning and security.

Enhanced Experience: A well-designed Lanyard can enhance the event experience for attendees. Lanyards make event staff more visible, which allows for colour-coded segregation and improves staff engagement. Custom Lanyards can also encourage engagement and participation.

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