The sublimation printing technique has been widely used in the branding of Corporate gifts Dubai. Let us take a sneak peek at this wonderful technique in detail.

What is sublimation printing?

Sublimation is a scientific term used to define the process of converting a solid directly into gas with the help of increased temperature. Sublimation printing is the method of transferring a logo, brand name, tagline or any other design from a sublimation paper to a material with the help of pressure and heat.

The high-quality result of sublimation printing Dubai has gathered a large number of followers among the largest corporations in the world. Among the corporate gift supplier Dubai, the sublimation technique is highly recommended to flawlessly brand corporate gifts Abu Dhabi and other promotional giveaways Dubai.

The temperature involved is generally between 350 to 400 degrees Celsius. The widespread acceptance of the sublimation technique is because the printed products are long-lasting and feature distinct colours with high-resolution quality. The created design is transferred onto the substrate in a gaseous state by using a heat press. Thus corporate branding Dubai can be done by bypassing the liquid step and no ink drying is required.

The process of Sublimation Printing Abu Dhabi

The process of sublimation can be done in two different steps. 

  • In the first step, the unique dyes for sublimation can be carefully transferred into transfer paper or sublimation paper sheets. The liquid gel ink gets deposited on the surface of inkjet papers used. This process is simply printing the required design onto the sublimation paper using liquid gel ink. 

  • In the second step, sublimation paper comes in contact with the substrate. Increased temperature coupled with pressure causes the dye to sublime or in other words, change from solid directly to gas. The dye gets penetrated the interior of the substrate creating a permanent design. Once the heat and pressure are removed, the dye reverts to the solid state inside the substrate. Thus, effective printing is achieved. 

What materials can be printed on by sublimation printing Dubai?

The sublimation process can be used on a wide range of substrates making it an excellent choice to be employed in the printing and branding of Corporate gifts Abu Dhabi.  some of the most generally used material surfaces in sublimation printing UAE are:

  • Fabric

  • Glass

  • Plastic

  • Aluminium & Metal

  • Canvas

  • Wood

  • Acrylic

  • Vinyl

  • Nylon


Promotional giveaways UAE branded by sublimation printing



Advantages of sublimation printing UAE

  • An unlimited range of colours can be transferred onto the substrate effectively

  • The fast process saves a lot of time

  • It is an excellent choice for printing bulk orders

  • The print cannot be scratched as the ink gets integrated into the substrate

  • The long-lasting design will not lose its colour for or an extended time

  • The finished product is more durable than the original material

  • They are resistant to damages due to cracks or flaking

  • Visually appealing with continuous-tone output

  • Classy and sleek finish

Sublimation printing is an outstanding method to incorporate fine lines and intricate details. Highly affordable printing technique, sublimation printing Abu Dhabi is is almost equivalent to a permanent printing method. The unbeatable feature of sublimation printing Dubai is its ability to penetrate the insights of the material and get permanently bonded there resulting in a high definition print with an exemplary level of detail.

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