GITEX Global 2023: The world's most phenomenal tech event is back


In the world of technology, where innovation is a force shaping business, society and culture, GITEX Global is an unparalleled milestone. After record numbers in 2022,  the world's largest technology event GITEX Global returns to Dubai in 2023 for its 43rd edition. This mega event is not just a gathering of techies; it is a platform that elevates business, drives economic growth, influences society and enriches culture through the power of pure innovation.

A common ground for tech titans and visionaries 

GITEX Global 2023 brings the world's most progressive companies, brightest minds, technology innovators, academics, researchers and developers under one roof. It is a collection of the protagonists of the technological world, a meeting of future shapers and a melting pot to turn cutting-edge technology into real business solutions. Broadening the horizon: The GITEX effect and future urban planning 

To strengthen and connect technology communities around the world, GITEX GLOBAL presents two exciting co-shows: GITEX IMPACT and Future Urbanism. With these additions, GITEX promises a hyper-targeted audience in fields ranging from artificial intelligence and cybersecurity to telecommunications, mobility, sustainable development technology and more. This expanded landscape offers you unparalleled opportunities to meet global business buyers looking for new solutions and partnership opportunities.

Prestigious location: Dubai Port

GITEX Global has outgrown its previous premises and is relocating to the prestigious Dubai Marina. The event is organized by the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy and will take place on October 15-18, 2023. The new venue not only symbolizes growth but also offers a fresh creative format to engage with the startup community and foster innovation.

Artificial intelligence takes the central stage

 Seeing AI in everything, GITEX Global puts AI first. With 10 halls and more than 210,000 square feet of dedicated AI, the event will become a hub for AI innovation. Leading AI experts from around the world will lead research and development, and exhibitors will showcase all the latest AI developments.

Decarbonisation through digitalisation

 GITEX IMPACT, the region's leading sustainable technology innovation event and source for ESG strategies and services, is poised to gain incredible momentum ahead of COP 28 in Dubai. The event highlights the critical role  technology plays in reducing carbon emissions.

Connecting for a better tomorrow

GITEX Global is not just technology; it plans for a better future. It is a forum to define the landscape of Cognitive Urbanism, ESG, Climate Tech, food, Metaverse, Web 3.0, Crypto and Blockchain. It is where visionaries come together to shape the world of tomorrow.

SuperBridge Summit Dubai

This two-day summit is a powerhouse of strategic partnerships and collaboration. It brings together investors, business leaders, family offices and large institutions that all influence the fastest growing economies. The opening event of  SuperBridge Summit Dubai will be held on 16-17 October 2023 at the Museum of the Future in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

A versatile participant profile

 The GITEX Global attendee profile is as diverse as the technology world itself: 

1. Academician: Renowned technical universities, research institutes and research organizations are role models for training, workshops and honing of technical skills.  

2. Youth: GITEX is the foundation for developing future technology leaders, sharpening talent and forming the largest community of technology youth.  

3. Startups: The event inspires cutting-edge technology with a curated collection of the world's most promising startups, entrepreneurial founders and innovators.  

4. Coders and Developers: DevOps, Data Scientists, Engineers, Coders and Developers are the real creators of digital revolutions and they will show their genius at GITEX. 

5. Government: GITEX is changing the way we see the public sector as progressive governments present technology partnerships, projects and visions. 

6. Global Techies: Meet the world's top CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, NGOs and market leaders who keep their companies moving forward with breakneck speed and innovative thinking. 

7. World's most innovative companies: GITEX is where the world's most innovative companies reveal extraordinary new technological universes. Experience the undeniable power of innovation at a comprehensive exhibition with global products and solutions with various industrial applications.  

8. 18 Conference Stories: Discover the most inspiring insights from 18 conference stories covering everything from cybersecurity to future mobility, the energy transition to healthcare and more.?

GITEX Global 2023 is not just an event; it is where the past of the technology world meets the future, where connections are made and innovation takes centre stage. The countdown has begun and the tech world is eagerly awaiting this monumental gathering in Dubai.