How to Sell Corporate Gifts to Companies?


Selling corporate gifts to companies is more of a competition rather than an art. Everyone in the market dealing with corporate gifts wants to have clients who have never dealt with before. Therefore there are certain things to keep in mind and consider.

First, try to find the structure of the organization and figure out who takes the decision (Purchase department, corporate communication, or marketing department). When you reach the decision-maker, you can put across your proposal. Before meeting them, you could even send them a short presentation of the advantage of gifting, what to gift, who to gift, how to budget, and networking of clients/partners.

  • Creating a database of customers for future and potential nurturing.
  • Nurturing of leads till they are ripe to be handed over to sales.
  • Score leads as per quality based on customer requirements, potential value, and demographics.
  • Handing over the leads to the concerned person or sales team with all relevant information.

Evaluate leads that have been passed on to sales to improve and adjust as per the company guidelines.

With increasing demand, comes to the need for innovative design whilst designing gifts, the Dubai culture must be kept in mind.

You could also make an attractive catalog of your products. Create a soft copy for demonstration purposes. Collect addresses of potential customers from the commerce association or industry association, which even lists he listed companies, Makes telephone calls to fix appointments, and then makes a direct presentation request references from companies giving large orders and follow up.

Considering having e-portals sites for the client/company to browse and view the wide range of products.

There has been an upward demand for the customized and designer products; therefore, having the stock accordingly or knowledge for the same to create is essential.

Giving a gift, after all, is all about igniting their customer's desire of having the gift to achieve marketing objectives. Moreover, it is essential to create value, rather than reducing the cost by mass production.

Years later or after one successful year of a built relationship with the company, contact past customers/clients first in order to follow up or arrange for the contract and requirements.

Also, considering the market before the companies are essential when the market is doing good, companies are bound to do best. Therefore remember the economy. Don't make expensive items for sale in a lean year. Push relatively more pricey but prestigious looking items at the time boom years.

Cities and states having a good crowd of a commercial crowd and emerging market for corporate gifting are considered home to some of the leading organizations in the country which are new to the concept of corporate gifting; therefore, it is essential to know your potential markets as well.

When the potential market and customer are known and their demand or choice for gifting is known considering their background company exactly knowing what they want, they shall be ready to pay the right price for it.

When it comes to Corporate gifting, the customer is a god; therefore, it is important to please the customers. Knowledge of hottest selling products and trends is essential when you deal on the front end with clients or customers.