Various UAE National Day Gifts in 2019


UAE is one of the destinations that tops the list of everyone’s bucket list. UAE, one of the popular baits, is not just known for its business offering atmosphere but also tops with increasing number of visits by people around the world for the tourism. However, one must note the fact that its diverse atmosphere and strong security for tourists and its citizens, UAE has not just shown the pace of its development but has also encouraged countries to bring about the similar mixture of culture and development.

We all are aware of the fact that every culture has had an origin to which we refer as history. Similarly, this bait has had a history of traditions that has had been followed even today. Well, this blog will help you understand the celebration and history of UAE National day.

According to the survey, the number of visitors to this popular bait has been booming every year. The reports of tourist visiting the country each year suggests that there is an increase in the number of visitors visiting the country by 1 million each year.

The growth of 10.66 million visitors in 2016 to UAE to 11.78 million visitors till the date. As said that every country and every region have its own transformation, similarly UAE has its own.

It surprised the world community with its wealth and development, but the UAE was once a region of desert occupied by nomadic Bedouin tribes.

Well, the beauty of the country that lets you delve into it had not been this if it was not for the national day. Well, before the formation of the United Arab Emirates, the baits were known as the Trucial states. This day marked the birth of UAE.

A day UAE known celebrated with shopping and tasting delicious cuisines is a day that you delve into before you start getting grey hair on your head.

This day traces its origin since the time it was ruled by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. One could possibly have loved the site of watching the late ruler of UAE celebrating the National day in full zest.

Also, in 1892, a deal between the Trucial states (today known as UAE), gave an authority to the British rulers for dealing with foreign affairs of their respective state. This ensure a complete control of the Britishers over the resources of the states. However, this all did not come at ease.

Britishers assured the states of protecting them from the hostilities. However, these Trucial states weren’t allowed to sell any land to any other country without authorizing from the British government.

The treaty of protectorate was finally broken and it was Sheikh Zayed, who realized that the strength lies in unity and hence there was a greater need to combine all the six emirates.

The six emirates which joined hands to form the UAE were Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujariah and Umm al Qaiwain and thus UAE became independent.

Well, before we know this mesmerizing celebration, we shall have a sneak peek into the history of the day. The history suggests that the rulers of Abu Dhabi, UAE, Ajman, Al-Ain, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain had made a firm decision to unite. The idea of united colonization erupted after the British rulers decided to withdraw its forces from the eastern Mediterranean.

The decision to unite took its roots soon after a meeting was held between Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Sheik Rashid bin Saeed Al Makhtoum. The national day celebration started in 1971, three years after the British rulers departed in 1968. The emirate federal constitution was responsible for approving the principle on Dec 1 in 1971.

Consequently, the seventh emirate joined the hands with the existing emirates. People in UAE have had a deep respect towards the ‘House of Union’. Interestingly, the ‘House of Union’, too, has a rich history that can make anyone look at it with due respect. Now known the ‘House of Union’ was once a hostel building and its course changed when the heads of all the emirates decided to join hand to reflect the unity and diversity of UAE to the world. Well, the current flag of UAE was raised in this building first since then it is known or referred as the ‘House of Union.

Sheikh Zayed was elected unopposed as the president of the union and Sheikh Rashid was elected as the vice president of UAE. Every year, 2nd Dec is celebrated as the National day of UAE.

The citizens of UAE have their separate preparation for the celebration of UAE National day. In UAE, most of the educational institutes and businesses, be it private or public sectors, are closed for the period of two days.

These two days in the region are used by the people of UAE to celebrate one of the most awaited days in the calendar of the region.

Although, during the season, many tourists choose to travel to the country to reap the benefits out of this festive season. Well, people who reside in UAE get them busy in enjoying the season full of entertainment. People unite to orchestrate various fun filled activities and parades.

However, one must not forget that there are music concerts, too, during the festival and many reputed and renowned artists perform in the region. And, not to forget about the fire work displays. The sky appears mesmerizing. Well, we shall help with detailed information about the national day activities.

Etihad Museum

It is one of the best museums that one may come across. This museum displays the brief history on the formation of UAE. The museum is quite informative about the UAE and its great leaders. People use the festival season to visit the Etihad Museum to know the history, culture, people and food in UAE.

Most of the visits here are recorded by the tourists. Etihad Museum ca not just surprise you with its storage of history about UAE, but can also leave you awestruck with the construction of the building.

Al Wahda Mall in Abu Dhabi

Malls are quite known as a platform for popular brands to display their best, but don’t get surprised if you find people playing like kids in the mall. Yes, this mall is popularly known for the organizing the activities that keeps the visitors and residents of UAE building the vibe for the National day.

Various activities and games like mini golf, bubble soccer is played by the visitors to the mall. Apart from the games, one can also find the national day themed quiz and exhibitions organized in the mall. And hence, it is a must visit mall in the UAE.

Dubai Rugby Sevens

Festivals and fun go hand in hand, but organizing Rugby to celebrate the event goes a bit out of domain, isn’t it? Well, for the residents of UAE, it is all about enjoying the culture and tradition that can bring many surprising reactions by the tourist to the country.

UAE is known for organizing Rugby league under its popular name Dubai Rugby Sevens. The event is mostly organized between the ending of November till the National day, 2nd Dec. So, dawn the jersey of your favorite team and keep cheering aloud.

We shall below guide you the getaways destinations in UAE during the national day festive.

Beaches and wild life add a flavor to the festivals. Although, when it comes to National day, we shall suggest you to hold on your nerves and get set for Ajman. Ajman is the smallest emirate, but filled with many offerings to the visitors to the country. The emirate has sandy beaches and best sight seeing for the wild life lovers.

Don’t get surprised if you find the bookings full in many of the resorts nearby the beach, as the count of the visitors to this emirate is never less. So, pack your bags for this small yet amazing get away. To make it even more convenient, the destination is just an hour away from Dubai.

Dragon mart

Dragon Mart themed village is one of the destinations that is one stop for all. During the festival season, people often come here and get immersed in the culture. The event offers free food and drinks between 5 pm and 10 pm.

The destination is also the stop for shopping many handicraft gifts, fashion accessories and traditional clothes. If you have ever heard about the falcon bird then you may have a chance to snap a selfie with the national bird of the UAE. Individuals from UAE are usually seen dawning the clothes imprinted with UAE national flag.

Apart from the two destinations, on may find Heritage villages are set everywhere. Military parades are held at the Abu Dhabi exhibition center.

Many renowned leaders from across the world and UAE leaders of the emirates are invited to the event. Air shows can make you give a jaw dropping reaction, wondering why have you missed this entire your life.

Well, festivals bring the heritage and unity. On festivals, around the world, people celebrate, greet and meet the vow to meet the new adventures in their lives with a positive intent. Similarly, in UAE, the UAE National day is celebrated with a loud noise and sparling effects of the fire works in the sky.

Well, offering gifts in one such tradition that is followed in the united emirates. Gifts can include anything from various sweet deserts to scarfs and other educational accessories. Treat your family and friends with these gifts, and if you are the visitor to the country then do not hesitate to gift the people of emirate as you would be warmly welcome.

The below information can help you with the National day gift set and locate you one of the best national day gift set suppliers in dubai and the gifts that are often seen being offered by the residents of UAE and the visitors to the country. The below list of gifts are categorized into several segments of gifts.

UAE Day Badges

Uae Day Badges Suppliers in Dubai

National celebrations around the world are celebrated with pride and happiness. Similarly, the National day in UAE is known for the gifts. Well, with the streets reflecting parades, wouldn’t you flaunt a badge that shines the national day history and celebration.

One might easily find the badges could be metal or a non metal, but the pride of wearing the badge that has the national day year is unmatchable. The badges are mostly available in ready made form.

UAE Day Technological gifts

UAE Day Technology Gifts Suppliers in Dubai

While every time we come across the term UAE, the brain reminds us of the development and security. The country known for the increasing number of visits by businessmen across the world is pretty close to the electronic gadgets, and hence gifting someone Power banks, wireless chargers or USB Flash drives could not be a bad idea as technological gifts are widely preferred.

UAE Day Writing instruments

UAE National Day Writing Instrument Suppliers in Dubai

While we have already considered and discussed UAE’s atmosphere for development then it can be conclusive that UAE offers wide space for the educational amenities. Well, people in UAE are too fond of pens and buying Maxema pen, Dorniel pen or either plastic pen can be a wonderful gift.

However, apart from the two segments of gifts for the national day, one can also chose to give the general gifts such as,

UAE Day General gifts

UAE National Day Gifts in Dubai

The UAE national day is known for tasting the different cuisines and shopping. Well, one may have an ocean of gifts and selecting your suitable one out of them can be a tough job, given the kind of gifts that one may find in the shopping malls.

Wristwatch, Mobile holder, Sunglasses, Wristband and Keychains are few of the fancy things that one may buy.

Drink wares such as coffee cup, jar, mug or the printed paper cups, too, can be memorable and loving gift at a memorable day.

As we have already mentioned that people could be seen wearing the clothes have prints of the national flag. But quite a few residents also love to put on the flags of the country hanging by their collar and walking with pride on the streets. Isn’t that a proud feel that can possibly pump your chest?

If one is looking to buy clothing gifts then buying a fancy and branded shirt, caps, or embroidery patch, too, can be a great option as on the occasion of national day, the clothes be freshly manufactured keeping the trend in mind. Bags during the national day have a special discount, and hence one can buy few popular brands that too on relatively low price.

Getting along with development the country also focusses on hugging the nature and protecting it in every way possible. There is a greater demand for eco friendly products in the country, so, buying eco friendly notebook, bags and products is a step in favour of nature one of the most precious days in the history of the country.

People often dawn scarf on their dressing, credit to its culture, and hence there are multiple scarfs available in the clothing stores, which are either printed or well designed that go well with even a simple clothing of pant and shirt. The scarfs are mostly custom made.

Children’s gift

UAE National Day Special Children Gifts in Dubai

There are various toys in the toy stores in any mall in the country. One can buy puzzle, chess or dice game for the children. Apart from the indoor games, one may also buy the outdoor game gifts which, too, is widely appreciated,

However, Dubai is one of the central and investing capital of UAE and hence a number of people chose to shop from the state. However, there are number of traders who run their business in the festive season, and to find the gifts at a reasonable rate can sometimes be tough as the festive season can hike the prices. So, we will recommend you the best place for national day gift supplier Dubai and the kind of gifts that are often seen being offered by the UAE residents and visitors.

Naazme is one of the best gift suppliers in Dubai, UAE. We have got a variety of gifts that can encourage the culture of UAE on the national day.