Designing A High-Performing Business Card


What Are Business Cards?

Business cards are the most powerful tools for branding and marketing. Even in the digital world, the supremacy of business cards as a multi-purpose tool still remains. Eminent Printing services in Dubai provides pocket-sized billboards that leave a long-lasting impression on the receivers and create a lifetime relationship with passers-by and convert them into your clients.

Why are business cards important?

It is said that a good business card followed by a firm handshake is the secret recipe to a successful business. Creating a robust first impression is an essential step to introducing your business to potential clients and no one does it more wonderfully than Business Card Printing in Dubai. Business cards provide a personal touch to your marketing campaigns and give an opportunity to initiate one on one conversations.

A vital element in building a business network, business cards give your company immense credibility among clients. A well-designed business card by Printing services in Dubai resonates with the premium quality of the services offered by the company and hence encourages the receivers to try your services at least once. Business Card Printing in Dubai is exceptionally useful to advertise your business during gatherings like business meetings, exhibitions, seminars and trade fairs

How to design a good business card?

Let us take a quick look at some of the key elements that must be given due consideration when you design an effective business card. 

Size and shape - The traditional rectangular shape or creative business cards with no predefined dimensions - always make sure that the business Card Printing in Dubai is in accordance with the nature of the services your company offers. Traditional cards are more suitable for standard sectors like finances whereas creative cards can provide exceptional benefits to industries like advertising.

Font - The right font plays a crucial role in tuning the receivers. Fonts play an important role in conveying the message, so choose Printing services in Dubai wisely. Do not mix more than two fonts on a business card and make it a typographical catalogue.

Colour - It is essential to you choose with right colour palette for your business card. Always keep in mind to not mix more than three different colours. One must make sure that Business Card Printing in Dubai must reflect your personality and the work you do. 

Material - Printing services in Dubai use cardstock for business cards. Even though they are available in various thicknesses, premium companies always use heavier cardstock for business cards as it is associated with higher quality. Business card printing in Dubai can be done effectively with a thickness ranging between 12 and 14 points. Such cards look professional and visually aesthetic. 

Contact Information - Use the help of professional printing services in Dubai to add all vital details like name, company name, designation, business address, website phone number and social media handles. All these details serve as a portal for the clients to reach out to you.

Logo -  A logo is the lifeline of any business. It represents the brand identity and is a fundamental element of a business card. Beautiful logos on business cards by Printing services in Dubai give instant brand recognition and make sure that a tremendous brand identity is created. 

Business Card Printing in Dubai

Naazme provides one of the most appreciated Printing services in Dubai, UAE. We provide expert supervision and talented designers to choose the right factors for a perfect business card that would do wonders for your brand. We have been applauded by our esteemed clients for providing unbeatable customer service. 

Naazme uses the state of the art technologies like UV printing, screen printing, laser engraving, embossing, sublimation, foil printing, matte or glossy lamination or dye cutting. Our reliable and adept Business Card Printing in Dubai makes sure that each order reaches you on time without any hiccups