Top 100 UAE Events and Brands in 2020


UAE is the utmost professional country with its own ultimate business destination Dubai. Throughout the year, this eco-friendly exhibition stand indulges in preparing to conduct the biggest ever mega-events for offering new business opportunities to boomers as well as established ones.

Refresh ideas and the latest solutions are appreciated and showcased here. Top 100 UAE events and brands in 2020 are discussed here for you. Read on to know.

1. Gulfood (Food and Beverages)

"The World's Largest Food & Beverages Trade Show"

It is the world’s biggest food and beverage trade show held in Dubai every year aiming for the promotion of the food and beverage industry.

It is mainly conducted for attracting food and beverage professionals and industries from every corner of the world. Seminars are also conducted by it to train the new startups.

2. International Apparel & Textile Fair (Apparel & Clothing; Fashion & Beauty)

"The UAE Leading of Fashion and Clothing Accessories Trade Fair"

This exhibition design idea is widely recognized as MENA a leading brand in displaying best prints, accessories, fabrics and textiles from the reputed mills all over the world.

IATF offers an excellent opportunity for designers and buyers to exhibit their products at a conducive and professional business networking atmosphere.

3. Arab Health (Medical & Pharma)

"The World's Largest Medical Equipment and Technology"

Being a hospital, it arranges Medical Equipment and Services Exhibition and Conference every year.

Every businessperson attached to the medical services is allowed to access every kind of medical service, innovations and products under a roof.

A great scope is there for business promotion and distributors can get plenty of materials and supplies here.

4. The Big 5 (Building & Construction; Industrial Engineering)

"The Global Hub for the Construction Industry"

It has taken the responsibility for showcasing every building solution including construction products and materials at a single place.

Service providers, traders and manufacturers all over the world get a chance to exhibit their advanced solutions and technologies in front of the crowd.

5. Middle East Organic and Natural Product Expo – Dubai (Agriculture & Forestry; Food & Beverages)

"International Exhibition for Natural Organic & Organic Products"

This sole trade event is entirely emphasized on natural and organic products. It allows both regional and international companies from every part of the earth to enjoy the accessibility to an expanding and dynamic market.

Leading organic products companies also take participate in this event to glorify it.

6. Beautyworld Middle East (Fashion & Beauty)

"The Largest International Trade Fair for Beauty and Wellness Industry"

If there any largest international event for wellness and beauty products, then this is it! It emphasizes showcasing the best beauty accessories, fragrances and other wellness products across the globe to billions of people.

It’s ranging from raw products to manufacturing to the finished products in the cosmetic industry.

7. Intersec (IT & Technology)

"The World’s Leading Trade Fair for Security, Safety & Fire Protection"

This exhibition design concept influences a large number of people to choose the advanced safety and security solutions from renowned brands of the world.

It can be any sort of security ranging from home to fire rescue and physical security to commercial security as well.

8. Automechanika Dubai (Auto & Automotive; Logistics & Transportation)

"The largest international trade show for the automotive aftermarket in the MEA region"

It is the biggest ever automotive aftermarket business event that helps in developing a marketing links in key CIS nations.

It includes Asia, Africa and Middle East countries. Product alternatives and source products can be easily found here.

9. VOD Dubai International Jewellery Show (Apparel & Clothing; Arts & Crafts)

"International Jewellery Industry Trade Fair"

This gift and premium exhibition provides a golden chance to regional as well as global jewelry manufacturers to interact with wide retailers, wholesalers, designers and traders from every part of the world.

10. GITEX Technology Week (Telecommunication; IT & Technology)

"International Exhibition for Multimedia and Communications"

It is the biggest IT exhibition you have ever seen in your life! It has a crucial role in defining the latest trends by exhibiting advanced innovations for tech startups all over the world.

11. Sign & Graphic Imaging Middle East (Home & Office; Entertainment & Media)

"The Largest Expo for Printing & Publishing Industry"

This trade fair is entirely centralized on all sorts of signage in the digital print industry.

Exhibitors will display the latest products and advanced innovations reliable for printing applications, printing plates, graphics design and advertising for the booming industries.

12. Gulfood Manufacturing (Food & Beverages; Hospitality)

"The Region’s Biggest Food and Beverage Processing Industry Event"

This industry event will help you to interact with the suppliers of the other 60 countries. They will showcase their advanced F&B manufacturing improvement tools which will meet both international and domestic demand in this hub.

13. Careers UAE (Education & Training)

"The UAE Leading Recruitment and Job Fair"

It offers an outstanding platform for emerging job and career prospects along with numerous opportunities of higher study, training, study options and much more.

14. Middle East Electricity (Electric & Electronics; Education & Training)

This grandeur event helps in energizing the sector by offering a golden chance of a global power community.

It improves the lighting industry by distribution, transmission and generation of electricity with renewable resources.

15. The Hotel Show Dubai (Travel & Tourism; Hospitality)

"The Region's Premier Exhibition for the Hospitality Products and Services"

Both leisure and hospitality market has been redefined by this grand trade show as it brings new ideas and innovation in this sector.

It showcases the finest hospitality services and products including catering equipment, security, technology, design, lighting and interior.

16. INDEX (Building & Construction)

"Connecting the World with the Middle East Design Community"

It is the largest design gathering community connecting master developers, interior designers, architects and procurement professionals from every part of the world.

It welcomes the biggest international companies, new brands and trend-setting start-ups as well with much-needed warmth.

17. Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show (Arts & Crafts; Fashion & Beauty)

"The Middle East's Premier Exhibition for Watches & Jewelry"

Treat your eyes with one of the famous trade events of astonishing pieces of jewelry and precious watches. Its main target is to display the exquisite collection of fine jewelry along with watches from various regions of the world.

Even connoisseurs and insiders with curiosity in diamonds and gold can attend the exhibition and its Gifts suppliers in Dubai.

18. UAE International Dental Conference & Arab Dental Exhibition (Medical & Pharma)

"The Largest Dental Conference & Exhibition in the World"

It is the mega dental event comprises of conferences, exhibitions and pre-conference courses. Usually, renowned oral health industry specialists and high-caliber dental experts attend this show.

19. EuroTier Middle East (Agriculture & Forestry; Animals & Pets)

"The Largest Dental Conference & Exhibition in the World"

This specific grand event focuses on animal production. It conducts a show promoting livestock and agricultural business by providing numerous opportunities to the government, the experts, the shepherds and the farmers.

This event greatly depicts the picture of leveraging from global to regional to local requirements.

20. Arabian Travel Market Dubai (Travel & Tourism)

"The Leading Show for Inbound and Outbound Tourism Professionals"

Acronym as ATM this trade show is entirely aimed at the outbound and inbound travel industry. It develops a string of connections within a wider network of executives and decision-makers.

Opportunities are offered to contact travel with a trade for conducting, negotiating and networking businesses. It also plays a crucial role in creating a good environment for B2B and B2C throughout the world.

21. International Property Show-Dubai (Building & Construction)

"International Property and Investment Exhibition"

IPS is considered the best global platform for property sales or both international and global real estate markets.

Displaying its own way of retail purchasing and selling of international as well as local properties is its key to conduction.

It is considered as the best place for meeting and establishing business collaboration with the top-tier property professionals and investors.

22. Agra Middle East Exhibition (Agriculture & Forestry)

"The Most International Agriculture Industry Exhibition"

It is especially for the people who are associated and keep interested in Animal Husbandry and Crop Farming.

This exhibition is mainly participated by the leading Animal Health and Aquaculture industries from the MENA region as well as throughout the world.

It simply proffers new ideas, opportunities, innovative solutions and products to expand your business.

23. The Big 5 Solar (Power & Energy)

"Bringing solar solutions for construction"

It is the portfolio of other mega-events of construction conduct in South East Asia, India and the Middle East.

Being dedicated to the heaviest international construction industry, it offers multiple opportunities via meeting and networking.

24. Dubai International Coffee & Tea Festival (Agriculture & Forestry; Food & Beverages)

"The Middle East's Leading Expo for Coffee and Tea"

It is a one-stop place for displaying facets of café products, bars, tea and coffee. By including services and equipment too, it tries to portray an industry-recognized as well as a centric platform for the businesspersons out there.

Offering an ideal conducive environment to restaurants and cafes is the prime motto of this event. It will help them to flourish exponentially.

25. Halal World Food (Food & Beverages; Wellness, Health & Fitness)

"The World's Largest Halal Sector Trade Fair"

Halal World Food possesses a unique trade concept aiming towards the expansion of the food and beverage industry with the help of introducing the Halal sector.

It showcases a premium array of Halal delicacies to potential businesspersons and other exhibitors.

26. China Homelife Dubai (Home & Office)

"Smart sourcing from china, the largest online to offline B2B trade marketplace"

It is a popular platform and a great source of imported China product exhibiting multiple categories such as Household and Gifts, Furniture and Lighting.

Building Materials and Hardware Tools, Textile & Garments, Consumer Electronics and Home Electronics are also included in the list of exhibited categories.

27. World Tobacco Middle East (Business Services)

"International Tobacco Industry Expo"

It is an international exhibition conducted in the leading trade and commercial hub- Dubai.

With the help of the world-class business ambiance and state-of-the-art infrastructure, a number of business conferences for networking can be done here easily.

28. G-FAIR KOREA (Electric & Electronics; Fashion & Beauty)

"Bringing Korean Products and Technology to Middle East"

G Fair Korea 2019 – Korean Sourcing Fair in Dubai is the perfect blend of the arena of business interaction with world-class exhibitions.

Here, Korean suppliers witness the vibrant business ambiance of the nation throughout the exhibited objects.

Starting from home appliances to LED and lighting and from beauty products to logistics all are displayed here.

29. Leatherworld Middle East (Apparel & Clothing; Fashion & Beauty)

"The Middle East’s Premier Trade Show Dedicated to the Leather Industry"

It focuses the limelight on the lucrative trade of finished leather items. Be it luxurious wallets, watches or bags a wide collection can be found here displayed by the leading international and regional suppliers.

Even it throws exciting chances to cope-up with the fast pace of rapidly expanding markets of leather products.

30. Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Exhibition (Entertainment & Media)

"Unlimited Business of Entertainment"

It is the event entirely focused on the leisure, amusement and entertainment industry.

Mainly, the leading businesspersons and stakeholders in their respective categories are allowed to showcase their new chances and fresh ideas to the booming brands.

31. SIAL Middle East (Food & Beverages; Hospitality)

"Defining Innovation in the Food, Beverage and Hospitality Industry"

It is the grandeur event focusing on hospitality, food and beverage industry. Over the years, it attracts a number of exhibitors all over the globe along with potential buyers.

Health-related products, meat & poultry, seafood options, organic products, dairy & egg products and bakery & confectionary are showcased here.

32. Professional Beauty GCC (Fashion & Beauty)

"The International Professionals Trade Fair for Beauty Product"

The concerns of women’s beauty and hygiene can be easily met from this trade event.

No matter what, it showcases facets of quality spa-based, hair-based, skin-care based products. Even cosmetics and various fashion accessories are exhibited here as well.

33. Gulf Education and Training Exhibition (GETEX) Spring (Education & Training)

"International Educational Industry Exhibition"

This event completely focuses on students to shape their careers. This efficient platform offers the meritorious students to get admission to the renowned universities and colleges by using enrollment quotas.

Representatives from those educational institutions will be there for providing information on fee structure and admission.

34. Dubai International Pharmaceutical & Technology Conference & Exhibition (Medical & Pharma)

"International Pharmaceutical & Technologies Conference & Exhibition"

This event targets on improving the worldwide Pharmaceutical industries. With the help of the active participation of the stakeholders, it targets in heightening the gross domestic production.

Converging points are offered to the persons who are associated with this industry including physicians, pharmacists, clinicians, consultants and others.

It starts a campaign in which manufacturing procedures are shown and supported by using raw materials from India only.

35. HALAL EXPO DUBAI (Business Services)

"The Heart of Hub of Halal Trade Marketplace"

This specific event is organized for promoting the Halal industry only. It showcases its own lifestyle, range of beverages, pharmaceuticals, tourism and cosmetics.

So, it becomes the key attraction for Muslim exporters, producers and buyers all over the world.

36. International Real Estate and Investment Show (Building & Construction)

"Dealing Exclusively with the Real Estate and Finance Sector"

Being the prime event, it exclusively deals with finance and real estate sectors. It highlights the exponential growth in the real estate market along with the organization of tropical seminars.

These seminars are helpful in acquainting with the prevailing trends of the global real estate industry. Basically, the persons associated with this industry attend this mega event.

37. Cityscape Global (Building & Construction)

"The Home of Real Estate Investment"

It brings back together real estate professionals, government officials, developers and investors under a roof.

It is recognized as the best ever place to find new partners to collaborate with and grab a great investment opportunity. Even it allows real estate startups to interact with giants to expand their business growth.

38. Middle East Stone (Building & Construction; Industrial Engineering)

"Mena's Premier B2B Event for the Natural Stone, Marble & Ceramics Industry"

It is a dedicated show featuring ceramics, marble and natural stone industry. It offers thousands of opportunities to the international and local suppliers to expand their business by meeting with the regional decision-makers. Also, it includes maintenance and installation solutions as well.

39. Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (Agriculture & Forestry; IT & Technology)

"The world's largest marketplace for sustainable agriculture"

Showcasing the latest innovations in sustainable agriculture from all over the world is the matter greatly dealt with GFIA.

This leading conference and exhibition proffer thousands of solutions for increasing profits and improving productivity.

All these can be done so by saving natural resources and overcoming the changing climatic challenges.

40. ARABLAB (Science & Research)

"The World of Science & Analytics"

As a promising event ARALAB displays the innovation coverage of science that curates a way for the occurrence of some technological miracles.

It exhibits goods of Natural & Organic, Ayurvedic & Herbal, Research & Development, Scientific Instruments and Medical & Pharmaceutical industries. It helps the World of Science to gather under a roof.

41. Indian Property Show (Building & Construction)

"The Real Estate Industry Trade Fair"

It is an international acclaimed show displaying the extravagant Indian properties to a large number of NRIs of the world.

It is the most awaited property show on Indian properties. It helps the people to gather a lot of information about the best price and deals including the features of showcased properties.

42. Developing Emotionally Intelligent Management & Leadership Skills (Education & Training)

It aims in developing huge number of successful as well as productive leaders all over the world by drawing and embracing their respective communication strategies. It includes other respective branches of emotional and behavioral aspects too.

43. Middle East Coatings Show (Industrial Engineering)

"The Largest Coatings Event for the Middle East and Gulf Region"

It is a dedicated event showcasing the coating equipment and raw materials by its manufacturers and suppliers of Gulf and Middle East region.

It assists in attaining the business goals by offering you the chance to cooperate with new suppliers.

44. BRIDE Dubai (Apparel & Clothing; Fashion & Beauty)

"International Bridal Exhibition in Dubai"

Once in a lifetime the top investors of the fashion industry able to create bespoke wedding wardrobe.

This event exhibits such bespoken wardrobe ranging from exquisite jewelry, accessories, wedding gowns, makeup and hair styling products.

45. Medlab Middle East (Medical & Pharma; Science & Research)

"The world's largest lab expo"

Being a leading laboratory, Medlab Middle East conducts flagship conference and exhibition too.

This all-encompassing event possesses the specialization in every diagnostic spectrum and laboratory management. The conference offers opportunity to learn and practice the best networking with the leading laboratories of the world.

It mainly exhibits Ayurvedic & Herbal products, Medical & Pharmaceutical essentials and Medical Research & Development & Scientific Instruments.

46. GITEX Shopper (Electric & Electronics; Entertainment & Media )

"The Region’s Biggest Consumer Electronics Show"

It is a premier platform for engaging and developing the business of embedded computer technology, storage media and computer peripherals and components.

It exhibits various latest innovations and advanced technologies such as radio equipment, telematics, software and services, voice over IP, financial services, baking technology, internet services and lots more.

47. Dubai WoodShow (Industrial Engineering; Business Services)

"Middle East for the Wood and Woodworking Machinery Industry Show"

It is the ultimate destination for the wood specialists worldwide. It is the right platform for a business meeting dedicated to woodworking machinery industry, wood accessories and wood.

Machinery companies, manufacturers and suppliers come from various part of the world to display their products, production scenarios and innovative technologies.

48. The Leisure Show Dubai (Building & Construction; Wellness, Health & Fitness)

"The region’s premier exhibition for the leisure, sports, and resorts industry"

This grandeur event witnesses about 5000 commercial developers, designers and architects. They come to display the equipment, latest products and ways to maintain and operate outdoor area, theme park, spa and sauna, fitness centre and resorts.

It is recognized as the premium exhibition for spa, resorts and pool, sports and leisure industry.

49. International Conference on Engineering & Technology, Computer, Basic & Applied Sciences (IT & Technology)

"Advances in collaboration for Engineering & Technology, Computer, Basic and Applied Sciences Research & Practice"

It covers the crucial issues and topics in Basic Applied Sciences Research & Practice, Computer and Engineering & Technology including several sub-themes.

This conference focuses on nurturing the growth of scholars around the globe by offering them a publishing, sharing and networking platform.

50. Executive Mini-MBA in International Health Management (Medical & Pharma; Education & Training)

It throws not-to-be-missed chances to executives and managers associated to Health industry.

It helps them to make use of international health management techniques to be the most successful managers and decision-makers. It offers a short-term intensive program in 5 key topics of MBA.

They are Marketing Management of the Health Sectors, Managing For Health, Health People Management, Health Economics and Leading International Health Care and Financial Management.

51. Jewellery & Watch Show (Apparel & Clothing; Fashion & Beauty)

"The finest world-class jewellery and watch collections awaits"

It is a B2C Event conducts every year and gets attracted by numerous local independent and international brands. Renowned watchmakers, retailers and designers from remote regions get the exclusive access to this event to expand their business by finding sophisticated buyers.

This designed exhibition stand in Dubai is the home for limited edition watches and great place to shop everyday designer jewelry and exclusive wedding jewelry sets.

52. Logistics & Transport Management (Logistics & Transportation)

It proffers the chance to know the ways of utilizing management techniques. It sharpens the negotiation skills of the attendees and makes them able to manage inventories in productive way. As a result, they can effectively control the transportation operations and warehouse businesses.

53. Dubai World Dermatology and Laser Conference & Exhibition (Electric & Electronics; Science & Research)

"Skin Health is our Concern"

This unique event throws an opportunity to the participants to know a lot more about dermatological science and technology. So it comprises of varied lectures, workshops and courses.

It is an ideal platform for the practitioners and specialists too to strengthen their respective existing collaborations along with new counterparts.

54. Epidemiology and Public Health Conference (Wellness, Health & Fitness)

"Global Health a major topic of concern in Epidemiology Research and Public Health"

It is an international forum to health workers, researchers, scientists, health professionals, public health specialists, dieticians, healthcare providers, nutritionists and academicians.

These professionals are associated with Nutrition, Epidemiology and Public Health. They indulge in discussion regarding the issues related to Epidemiology including research methods, long-term care, communication, networking and much more.

55. Global Women Leaders Summit (Business Services; Education & Training)

"Women Involvement in Business Industry"

It allows the women leaders, businesswomen, entrepreneurs, professionals and global leaders from various parts of the world to come across and explore and share new ideas.

These will be related to advancing development, areas of research and emerging global concerns. Of course, its prime aim is to be devising of innovative strategies for showcasing the excellent involvement of women in today’s competitive international businesses.

56. Paperworld Middle East (Arts & Crafts; Home & Offices)

"Largest international trade exhibition for the stationery, paper industry in the Middle East"

It features a vast international participation of exhibition stand design companies of Dubai, North Africa and Middle East.

Generally, it showcases office supplies, gifts, paper and stationery to flourish the business condition of these regions.

57. International Conference on Medical, Medicine and Health Sciences (Medical & Pharma)

"Advances in collaborative research for public health, medical and medicine sciences for better healthcare services to society"

This conference highlights the prime issues in health, medicine and medical sciences including its sub-themes.

The main motto of the conference is to provide a supportive platform for nurturing, sharing and networking the fundamental growth of scholars across the globe.

58. Facilities Management Expo (Building & Construction; Education & Training)

"Transforming the facilities management landscape"

It is completely dedicated to the asset management event welcoming professionals from varied occupational backgrounds such as community management, building maintenance, cleaning, hygiene, safety and health and lots more.

59. Gulf Expo-Dubai (Education & Training)

"International Educational & Professional Training Institutes Exhibition"

It is the main attraction of students of Middle East who are willing to meet the experience representatives of American universities and college. The students are all educated by self-funded expatriate or by government sponsorship.

60. yummex Middle East (Food & Beverages)

"The Leading Sweets & Snacks Event for the Middle East & North Africa Region"

Be it raw ingredient, processing or the finished product, yummex Middle East covers the interesting range of entire sweets including snacks and confectionary.

With the help of world-class products it encourages the showcasing of blend of middle-eastern and international products.

Nevertheless, it heightens the demand and supply of best snacks and confectionary products overseas.

61. Hardware + Tools Middle East (Building & Construction; Industrial Engineering)

"Regions only dedicated trade fair for Tools & Hardware Materials and Machinery"

This event creates an Expert Zone where the latest innovations from leading international suppliers will be exhibited. It helps in improving business relationships with the prime decision makers and international suppliers.

Also, live interactive demonstrations and evaluation of market by assessing the competitors can be witnessed and done here respectively.

62. Paper Arabia (Industrial Engineering; Business Services)

"Sustainable Paper Production Technology Solutions"

It is the perfect gateway and platform for those who are associated with the business of paper technology.

It gives the access to conduct face-to-face meeting and throwing opportunities to the deserved ones by discussing on the businesses and manufacturing of paper and allied products.

Raw material and Machinery for the manufacture of paper and board, Tissue, Mills owners, Paper Machinery, Converting and Corrugated production line professionals and suppliers visit here to display their products.

63. Dubai Design Week (Building & Construction)

"The Largest Creative Festival in the Middle East"

It is the biggest creative festival reflecting the city’s own position conducted by exhibition stand contractors of Dubai.

During the long 6-day of exhibition, it covers a plethora of designs ranging from architecture to graphic designs and from multimedia, interiors to product design. It can be freely accessible for both public and industry.

64. International Youth Leadership Conference (Education & Training)

As developed by the leading experts, it offers a dynamic setting to the participants for getting tested the leadership skills.

It assists them in strengthening their cultural awareness, drafting resolutions, delivering speeches and making executive decisions.

It will provide them the much-needed insights for the future possibilities in any business field.

65. Arab Future Cities Summit (Building & Construction; IT & Technology)

"The Middle East’s Leading Smart City Event"

This event edition is entirely dedicated to the rapid development of the region to show how Dubai becomes the leading smart city in this universe.

Hence, people are going to witness the urban development along with future smart city plans and developments here.

66. BRIDE Abu Dhabi (Apparel & Clothing; Fashion & Beauty)

"International Exhibition of Apparel, Garments, Gems & Jeweler"

The BRIDE Show-Abu Dhabi is an exciting event with a massive exhibition of wedding wardrobes. Starting from wedding gowns to wedding accessories, from hair styling kits to wedding jewelries to evening gowns all are exhibited here.

Honeymoon services, fashion accessories, beauty and skin care products and hair care products are also displayed here. Its main motto is to showcase the latest trends in fashion industry and bridal wear.

This Dubai gifts exhibition gets up marked by leading makeup artists, hair stylists and other professionals too.

67. Dubai International Motor Show (Auto & Automotive)

"The Middle East International Motor Show"

Over the years, it remains the biggest international automotive trade event. It unites industry specialists, distributors, global manufacturers and motoring enthusiasts to witness the exciting features of automobiles.

They can even enjoy interactive demonstrations and exclusive car launches too. It displays various exclusive Automotive Parts like hand tools, batteries, hydraulic systems, lubricants, cooling systems, power tools and lots more.

68. Business and Financial Modelling (Business Services; Banking & Finance)

This event covers up the areas like importance of interpretation of models and proper formulation. Application of statistical tools like Seasonality, Regression and Exponential Smoothing is also learned here.

Using of Excel tools such as Spreadsheet Auditor, Scenario, Seeker, Goal and Solver will make you able for mixing products and optimizing more business profits.

69. Windows, Doors & Facades Event (Building & Construction; Home & Office)

"Bringing the windows, doors & facade industry together"

This event is glowed up by the presence of about 120 companies and brands all over the world. It features the Future of Facades by networking, sourcing products and witnessing hands-on demonstrations on Facades, Windows and Doors by the potential suppliers.

Certain innovative technologies and products are its centre of attraction.

70. Middle East Concrete (Building & Construction)

"The building blocks of construction"

Being the large-scale displaying platform, it features only 5 dedicated sectors in the heavy construction and concrete industry.

But interestingly, over 300 international and local suppliers assist the attendees to select the right solution and product for them as per their requirements.

71. Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (Industrial Engineering; Power & Energy)

ADIPEC unifies the professionals who are billionaires and possess the buying potential in this business type.

It allows them to invest in the future of the oil and gas industry by collaborating with new and existing partners for the exploration of fresh as well as innovative business ideas for the future.

72. Urban Design & Landscaping Expo (Building & Construction; Home & Office)

"Middle East's premier trade event for urban green spaces"

It is the largest construction trade event ever occurred in this mega list of events. In this event, both local and international companies sign impressive deals.

It is the centre of attraction to potential decision makers and top buyers along thousands of visitors for specifying, purchasing and procuring of services and products of heavy construction.

73. WETEX (Industrial Engineering; Power & Energy)

"International New & Renewable Energies Exhibition"

WETEX is the leading global platform for displaying and discussing on the issues associated to developing a sustainable environment by promoting conservation of natural resources and water.

It welcomes companies to showcase their state-of-the-art solutions and advanced technologies for the conservation of electricity and water.

74. SteelFab (Industrial Engineering)

"Premier Trade Show for Metal working and Steel Fabrication"

This trade show deals with the handling and manufacturing of steel and metal equipment. As it promotes the Minerals, Metals and Ores Industry, it caters the best ever platform to show the fabrication, welding and metal working simultaneously.

Also it deals with tools along with manufacturing exhibition such as lathes, drilling, milling, grinding, work centers, EDMs, tool room machinery, machining centers, high-precision machine tools, and affiliated machines.

75. WORKSPACE (Building & Construction; Home & Office)

"The Home of Commercial Interior Design"

This grand commercial interior design event leads by design professionals who have furnished and decorated renowned firms.

It helps in connecting office managers, designers and architects for choosing specific products and decorative ornaments (based on business type) along with international and local furniture and technology suppliers.

76. Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development Conference & Exhibition (Business Services; Education & Training)

"The Largest Humanitarian Aid and Development Event"

DIHAD is the leading stage where the global leaders meet and discuss on humanitarian crisis agenda and its effective solutions.

It is operated in the aim that it can contribute a lot in the advancement of principled, developed and effective global humanitarian assistance. It mainly showcases the latest trends, quality services and optimal support in this specific industry.

77. Financial Data Analysis Dubai (Education & Training; Banking & Finance)

This event also lets the attendees know about financial statements. How it can be used for evaluating strategic and financial performance of the organizations, understanding discounted flow techniques of cash, the application of financial decision-making can be learned from here.

It helps you to know the way of identification of both strong and weak financial aspects of the organizations.

78. Financial Accounting and Reporting (Education & Training; Banking & Finance)

This event covers the crucial topics of financial accounting and helps the attendees to know the ways to report on financial statements.

It even lets the visitors know other financial topics like liabilities, revenues and expenses, equity along with preparation of financial statements. Report and interpretation of income statement with balance sheet accounts are also learned from here.

79. WASTE & RECYCLING SUMMIT (Education & Training; Environment & Waste)

This grand event unites waste industry players from all over the world and gives them a global platform to discuss about best practice, latest trends and challenges.

It is meticulously developed for the companies and clients to understand its role in a much better way.

80. Dubai Solar Show (Power & Energy)

This B2B platform allows the private as well as public sectors for making deals, building partnerships and reviewing the latest solar technologies.

It incorporates them to know about the future and current projects of the regions so that they can be a part of those solar-energy programmes.

81. International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning (Education & Training; Miscellaneous)

"Collaborate to co-create"

This event promotes international collision of knowledge in the cross-national academic fraternities.

It is joined by participants from diverse backgrounds and nations for sharing their experiences and researches to tailor sweet and long-lasting bonds.

82. Downtown Design (Home & Office)

Completely emphasizing on originality and innovation, this industrial design event brings the timeless value and contemporary setting.

It organizes an extensive programme featuring networking events, installations, B2B meetings for business development in Middle East region.

83. Global Educational Supplies & Solutions (Education & Training)

"The Leading Education Conference & Exhibition"

It is the free conference held for 3 back-to-back days by the influential local practitioners and global industry leaders.

It is filled with dynamic & inspirational talks and hands-on workshops for showcasing the innovative and latest educational solutions and products. It aims in offering the highest educational quality to the region.

84. Seafood Expo & Seafood Processing Expo (Food & Beverages)

"International exhibition on seafood, seafood processing, packaging and distribution technology"

It is the mega seafood exhibition ever conducted in this city! As exhibition stand builder - Dubai is becoming the leading seafood market; it is the right place where people can come across seafood products and seafood processing.

Here, even one can meet with the future investors who hold a special interest in the seafood industry.

85. Sharjah International Book Fair (Education & Training)

"The Paper and Paper Products Industry trade fair."

This trade show displays periodicals, journals and books of other countries excluding India by their respective publisher.

In fact, representatives of educational institutions, other publications, journals and newspaper are exhibited here too at the same time.

86. Middle East Investment Summit (Business Services; Banking & Finance)

"Meet Institutional Investors, SWFs & Family Offices from across the Middle East"

It creates an ultimate platform for the professionals so that they can learn from prominent international leaders the ways to networking and efficient strategies.

It conducts conferences for the economists, high-level fund managers, institutional and private investors, family offices and global & regional sovereign wealth funds.

87. Management Reporting and Decision Making (Education & Training)

All professionals and managers possess decision making and management reporting as their key skills.

This event enhances the well presented skills of such people for analyzing the information to draw the best conclusion. This will help them to expand their business rapidly with a high profit.

88. Airport Show Dubai (Logistics & Transportation)

"Accelerating business and innovation for future airports"

It is the biggest ever airport exhibition held once a year exploring the advanced technologies and booming aviation trends for next-gen modern airports.


89. Middle East Cleaning Technology Week (Environment & Waste; Hospitality)

"The region's dedicated trade show for the cleaning and hygiene industries"

This platform offers state-of-the-art technologies, innovations and scientific cleaning practices to the people in MENA region.

It mainly targets to give an ultimate hygiene solution to various sectors like catering, manufacturing, food processing, healthcare and hospitality.

90. International Conference on Civil and Architectural Engineering (Building & Construction)

ICCAE has put all the efforts to bring back the industrial experts and innovative academics in architectural and Civil engineering.

It helps in developing the interaction between students, engineers, developers, researchers and practitioners. However, it is targeted to promote developmental and research activities in this particular field.

91. The Arab Women in Leadership and Business Summit (Business Services; Education & Training)

"Empowered Women, Empower Women"

It is entirely focused on reshaping the career of women by offering them a number of opportunities to become independent. It is accomplished by women of diverse backgrounds and every level and position.

They will coach and offer hands-on advice to recreate the career path further despite its genre. The ways to overcome the obstacles of modern women leadership are also provided to them.

92. Dubai Optical Show Vision – X (Electric & Electronics; Science & Research)

"International optical and ophthalmic lenses and accessories expo"

This 3-day exhibition and business matchmaking event connects the people associated with eye-care and eye-wear industry.

It offers the exhibitors to grab the golden chance to cooperate with the 20 pre-arranged as well as top businesspersons of Africa, Mediterranean and Middle East.

This anticipated platform brings distributors, suppliers and manufacturers under a roof for the sake of both regional and international business professionals with exclusive exhibition giveaways.

93. Water Expo & Forum (Environment & Waste)

It is aimed in bringing the global water industry to put a cooperative effort to deal with the water scarcity and its challenges.

It allows them to examine on the latest water problems on the international platform to look out for advanced technologies, trade, commerce and pioneered ideas.

94. Masterclass - Advanced Strategies in Oil and Gas Finance and Accounting (Power & Energy; Banking & Finance)

This grand event offers its attendees a solid and effective solution for the capital need to explore and produce oil and gas.

Considering the respective financial implications on the companies’ departments and assets, it arranges for an immediate practical application too.

95. Solar Middle East (Power & Energy)

"A new exhibition dedicated to the burgeoning solar power industry."

This event provides a chance to cover some distinctive areas too. It mainly targets at sustainability and robustness of solar projects by Magnelis Steel, improved reliability, necessity of durability, transformers’ performance and advanced insulation materials.

Even the challenges of applying Robotic Solar Panel Cleaning System are dealt with in this event.

96. Executive Mini-MBA in Oil and Gas Management (Business Services; Power & Energy)

It covers the main subjects of implementation and formation of various strategies in global environment.

This mega event primarily includes topics such as business ethics, international human resource management, cross-cultural communication, negotiation and the building of strategic alliances.

97. Creativity, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Dubai (Education & Training)

"Your best decisions are built on a sharp and focused ability to analyze situations, people and probabilities. This interactive EuroMaTech training course will develop these skills and more."

This unique event is centralized on the significance of innovative issue solving and critical thinking abilities.

It helps both the established businesspersons and starters to make healthy business decisions to erect a sustainable environment by their own communicating and thinking style preferences. It also shows the crucial role of active listening and communication as well.

98. The Speciality Food Festival (Food & Beverages)

"The original gourmet and artisan food event for the Middle East, Africa and Asia"

It is the gourmet food and original artisan event welcoming Foodservice professionals, retailers, importers, wholesalers and international traders.

It is further divided into 6 unique sectors defining specialty beverages, seeds, nuts and dried fruits, bakery and cereals, gourmet & artisanal, cereals & bakery and ethnic & fair trade.

99. Leadership Development Self Awareness, Skills & Strategies (Education & Training)

"Premier supplier of training and consultancy solutions"

This event is aimed in enhancing the personal leadership quality in an individual by strongly influencing the person with his/her own prime skills.

Significance of self-awareness to improve the internal strength is offered here by the best leaders in the earth.

100. Telecoms World Middle East (Telecommunication; Business Services)

"Meet leading middle-east telecom operators and discover the future of the telecoms industry"

It is known as the mega conference of telecoms highlighting on the advanced developments in the industry.

Discussions on topic such as latest innovations, strategies to overcome and building healthy partnerships for developing Telecom Ecosystem are held here. Automation, AI and 5G networks are some exclusive matters exhibited here.

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